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The history of herbal medicines is as old as human civilization. The literature available revealed that herbs were used clinically in old civilizations such as India, China, Greece and Egypt long before Christ. Today a vast volume of knowledge about therapeutic properties of different medicinal plants has been accumulated. Nature has made available a complete warehouse of herbal remedies needed to cure all ailments of mankind.

All allopathic medicines exert adverse drug reactions (ADR) on different vital organs of human body. These reactions are the biggest cause of death. Millions of people taking ‘statins’, are reported to develop diabetes. Hence people started realizing the importance of herbal products. Besides having great healing properties, herbs provide some essential nutrients for healthy functioning of various body organs. The awareness led to increase in demand of herbal remedies by the general public over the last decade.

We are known for specialized herbal products/supplements of great nutritional values. They are made available in palatable form using modern techniques. The innovations have made it possible to explore new herbal remedies and the advances in pharmaceutical technology made it possible the use of herbs in the treatment of almost every disease.

Various Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures are being deployed to assess and certify the quality, safety and efficacy of all herbs and herbal products which are intended for medical use. In some of our products we used 'Cow Ghee' as a bioenhancer to increase effectiveness further.

​Indian Herbal Valley runs all its operations under the dynamic leadership of Dr. K. G. Bothara, who has a rich experience of over 35 years in the field of pharmaceutical technology and HealthCare.  Knowing very well the serious side-effects of modern/allopathic drugs and influenced by philosophy of nature's care by natural way, he started working on designing and developing quality checks for phytoconstituents. This led to the idea of 'Indian Herbal Valley'.


​There have been times when people must have come across spurious and adulterated herbal products. Indian Herbal Valley is a synonym for Quality, Safety and Efficacy. We at Indian Herbal Valley, are committed to deliver herbal food supplements and other herbal products meeting high quality standards and processed through export quality facility. Indian Herbal Valley products are made available to the quality conscious and wellness conscious customers.

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